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How to order Roaming Studio

Roaming Studio licenses are node-locked licenses, i.e. they are bound to a single customer's machine.
  • They are perpetual (they do not expire).
  • Annual support/maintenance cost is zero for the first year and 12% per annum for the subsequent years.
  • Support/maintenance includes updates, bugfixes and support for new TAP/RAP/NRTRDE releases (e.g. TAP3.12).
Pricing table
Product Price Buy on-line
Single Roaming Studio license EUR 4,250 via credit card (Share*it)
Roaming Studio support/maintenance cost per year 12% (i.e. EUR 510) via credit card (Share*it)

The latest up-to-date binary is freely available and is identical to the Trial Version which you can download from here. The trial version has simply certain features locked which can only be unlocked with the purchase of an activation key. Therefore, to obtain Roaming Studio all you need to do is download the Trial Version from the link above, install it on one or more production machines and then purchase one or more activation keys.

The node locked licenses, after activation, include limits to the number of concurrent runtime instances - so if you need to perform server-wide installs that are to be shared by many concurrent users, you must specifically request and purchase such activation keys enabling the right number of concurrent instances.

Note that should you wish to purchase 5 or more licenses, volume licensing may apply and that there is also an additional deployment option: server licenses (please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

There are two ways to purchase activation keys:

Note that in all cases, prior to sending you the activation codes you'll have to send us (by email) the node-specific information - which is displayed on a dialog box every time you start the application. For more information see the Activating Roaming Studio guide.

Finally note that since the licenses are node-locked, should you wish to transfer your license to another machine, you have to follow the procedure described in the Transferring Roaming Studio Licenses guide. In other words you shouldn't un-install the application or format your hard-drive without transferring the licenses first.


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