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Problems with application execution of Roaming Studio or Roaming components
Possible solutions to issues with application execution:

  • Make sure you are not running under a virtual machine. Virtual machines are not allowed as executable environments.
  • Try running the applications under an account with Administrator privileges.
  • Under Vista, disable User Account Control (UAC). From the Control Panel, select:

    Control Panel/
     Classic View/
      User Accounts/
       Turn user account on or off/
        Uncheck "Use User Account Control to help protect your computer"/

If you still face issues with the execution of the applications, don't hesitate to contact us.
What is the largest supported TAP3 file? Are there size limitations?
The only limitation is your system's memory. For a 2GB machine, Roaming Studio can edit files with more than 100K calls, while Roaming components in the same machine can process a lot more.
I have two different output ASCII formats. Do I have to buy ASCII2TAP twice?
No. However, you must develop (or ask Semantix to develop for you) two separate plugins for your formats.
Can you support any ASCII file format, regardless of its complexity?
In principle, yes, since encoding/decoding the format is done in the external plugins and thus has no impact in the base engine. The only limitations therefore are the coding competency of the programmer writing the plugin. Typical ASCII file formats (e.g. TAP2), require a few days.
What are the required skills to develop my own plugin for TAP2ASCII/ASCII2TAP?
1. Basic knowledge of the TAP3 structure

2. Coding experience with the C language


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