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The XML2TAP Roaming component is used to create TAP files from XML input files stored in exactly the same XML format as that produced by Roaming Studio (the XSDs for this XML format are here).

The most common reason for doing this is after a TAP2XML conversion and subsequent editing operations on the XML file (in a manual or an automated way - Perl,XSLT,etc).

Online demo

Click here for an online demo.

XML format

The XML format used is the same one used by Roaming Studio:
  • The first node after the root node (TAP3File) is DataInterChange.
  • members of CHOICEs and SEQUENCEs are stored in nodes named after the variable names that provide access to them
  • members of SEQUENCE_OFs are stored in nodes named after the contained type names
  • INTEGERs and OCTET_STRINGs are stored as character data (BCDStrings are first converted to simple ASCII representation).


XML2TAP's interface is shown below:

Usage: XML2TAP <options>

where options must include:
        -i input
                input XML file
        -o output
                output TAP file
and optionally, any of:
                output version number
                this help message

There are only two mandatory options, the input XML file to process and the output TAP file to generate.
Here is how a sample 3.10 TAP file begins in its XML form:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<TAP3File mjVersion="3" mnVersion="10" xmlns:xsi="">


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