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All TAP3 Semantix Roaming Components are available in three editions, each suitable for different development and deployment scenarios.

  • Single TAP3 release edition: This edition is suitable for operators or organizations that require TAP3 processing for a single release of TAP3 protocol. For example, if you purchase the single edition of TAPValidator for TAP3.09, it means that you will be able to process only TAP3.09 files (and not, for instance 3.4 or 3.10). Note that for the special case of TAPx2TAPy, single edition is actually single-pair edition (source and destination TAP release).
  • All TAP3 releases edition: This edition supports all TAP3 releases. Moreover, if you purchase this edition, then with a 12% annual fee your get the new TAP3 releases as they become available for free.
  • Development edition: This edition is applicable only for development or test environments. The cost for this edition is significantly reduced, but it is only available to existing clients. If you wish to purchase a development edition of roaming components please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
For NRTRDE, TD.35 currently specifies only one release (NRTRDE 2.1).

For all editions, the license is machine-based no matter how many users directly or indirectly use the software.

NRTRDE pricelist:

Pricelist for NRTRDE

TAP3 pricelist:

Pricelist for TAP3
Product Price for a single
TAP3 release
Price when all
TAP3 releases are bought
TAPValidator 10,000€Order 20,000€Order
TAPx2TAPy 10,000€Order 20,000€Order
TAP2ASCII(*) 10,000€Order 20,000€Order
ASCII2TAP(*) 10,000€Order 20,000€Order
TAPMerger 10,000€Order 20,000€Order
TAPSplitter 10,000€Order 20,000€Order
TAPAnonymizer 500€Buy now 1,000€Buy now
TAP2XML 400€Buy now 800€Buy now
XML2TAP 400€Buy now 800€Buy now
Full Roaming Component Pack 40,000€Order 80,000€Order


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