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Semantix Roaming Components
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Quick Payback. Stop paying conversion, validation and TAP file processing fees to data clearing houses. Alternatively, and since roaming traffic follows a skewed distribution with 80% of the volume coming from 20% of the roaming agreements, you can use Semantix Roaming Components to offload the conversion and TAP processing needs (validations, etc.) for your most voluminous roaming partners.

Billing System – Independent. Due to the use of standards and normal programming practices (XML, command line arguments, etc) Semantix Roaming Components can be used with any billing platform, through the usual scripting approach employed in all UNIX systems.

Standards-Based Technology. Semantix Roaming Components are built using highly optimized ANSI C++ code, are lightweight, efficient, and can run on practically any server box.

Configurability. Each module has been designed to be used as an independent application, with no particular external environment or client-specific business logic or requirements in mind. Therefore, extreme configurability was an absolute must right from the beginning.

Modularity. Instead of shoehorning every conceivable requirement into a single, tightly-knit application, Semantix has developed a suite of independent, highly-configurable modules. These modules can be easily combined to provide more powerful opportunities.

Semantix Services. Semantix can offer a variety of further development or customization services for the rare cases where these cannot be handled using normal configuration or when you want to interface with legacy systems or for any other unique client requirement.


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